My mutated DCA – Follow-up Action


As per my earlier post on my mutated DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) "strategy" on Singtel (click here to read more why I called it "mutated"), I've expanded by "scope" to include another counter, Asian Pay Television Trust (APTT), of which I've written previously (click here) the reason I am interested in this counter. Ya, I know, the price (at 55 cents) is higher than my indicated target entry … [Read more...]

So What About Singtel? (Z74)


I had a few lots of Singtel (Z74) in my portfolio a while ago, which I liquidated for a small profit when I wanted to park my money somewhere else. I have a habit of re-examining my past holdings to see if there is good cause for re-investment. I've already pumped some more money into ST Engineering. Now, I have my sights set on Singtel once again. Singtel's share price dipped in December of … [Read more...]

Short selling on SingTel shares

On 12 April 2017, SingTel shares experienced heavy shelling by short sellers. On that fateful day, the short sales volume was 21.7 million, with market value of $82.7 million. The heavy attack led to a decline in SingTel share price from $3.84 to the current $3.75. What could have caused the big boys to do massive short selling on SingTel shares? The short selling of SingTel shares was … [Read more...]

Top 7 Things To Know About Starhub Limited

Starhub Limited (SGX:CC3) is the second largest telecommunication company in Singapore. It is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. The company is a listed subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Telemedia. In turn, Singapore Technologies Telemedia is a portfolio company of the country’s sovereign wealth fund, Temasek Holdings. In effect, Temasek Holdings has about a 56% stake in the telco.The … [Read more...]



Last week, it was reported that one of the world's biggest independent money managers has sold their stake in Singtel stock. This was yet another news to hit the local telecom stocks as competition intensifies. As we know, M1 stock is currently under the radar of several overseas companies for acquisition. One of these companies is reportedly to be a Chinese mining firm. Singtel stock is currently … [Read more...]



It has been some time since we visit the three local telco stocks. In an environment marked by a fourth telco, how are the three telco stocks performing now? Since M1 stock price broke below its 200-Day Moving Average in Sep 2016, its stock price has been on a decline. It since hit a support of $1.92 and rebounded off this support to close at $2.13 on 13 Apr 2017. Singtel stock broke below its … [Read more...]

Singtel – Accumulating as part of my mutated DCA


As per my previous post in Nov 2016 (click here to see), I've chosen Singtel (Z74) as he stock to go on "DCA" (the reason why I bracket it is because my original intention is not to strictly invest every month but rather retain the flexibility to enter as and when I viewed that the price is right). Well, you may argue that I should not even call it DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging), you are probably … [Read more...]

SINGTEL, STARHUB and M1: which is a GOOD BUY?


Singtel stock currently (based on closing price of 24 Feb 2017) at $3.96, down by 6.38 % from the stock’s 52-week high of $4.32. The consensus target price based on SGX website is $4.25 which means an upside of 7.32% from Singtel’s current stock price. Starhub stock currently traded at $2.81 down by 29% from the stock’s 52-week high of $3.96. The consensus target price based on SGX website is … [Read more...]

Dec 2016 Portfolio


Last month of 2016 usually will have a good runup during Christmas. I was quite surprised to see Singtel dipped down to $3.6x for another time for me to grab some. So this time, I am not letting it go and grabbed some for my keep. This is a very diversified blue chip telco company which I am going to keep for a long time. STI vs my portfolio My portfolio is still hovering in the negative … [Read more...]

Cory : Singtel

Realistically speaking I agree with Singtel that there is no need for 4th Telco in SG. The reason is pretty straight forward. Neither M1 nor Starhub are credible competitors to Singtel. So what makes us think an addition of 4th or even 5th will helps bring competition to the table ?If Singtel want to gobble up the whole SG market, they actually can if we truly believe in free market logic. Singtel … [Read more...]

My Stock Report Card for Aug – Nov 2016


My Stock Report Card for Aug – Nov 2016 Total Dividend Collected from Jan – Nov 2016 : SGD $ 59,048.62 Income distribution in Aug to Nov came from M1, SMRT, Keppel Corp, Singtel, OCBC, Suntec Reit, Keppel Reit, Starhub, Capitamall Trust, Sabana Reit, HPH Trust, Aimsamp Cap Reit, SGX, IBM, Bank of America, Apple, Citigroup. I took some profits from Citigroup and added more Alibaba this … [Read more...]

Starhub – all time oversold, price near five year low (22 Nov 16)

Starhub has plunged 30.3% from an intraday high of $3.96 on 3 Aug 2016 to trade $2.76 today. This is near a five year low. What has caused the sharp fall in Starhub? Some of the possible reasons may be Market is pricing almost a 100% chance of a rate hike in Dec. Furthermore, there seems to be rising interest rate expectations on faster than expected tightening in 2017; After IDA’s … [Read more...]

Divested on StarHub as their Management skills are not as strong as before.


Divested I've divested StarHub before their 3Q16 results announcement after considering various points and thought it'll be a good time to do so before their announcement. Weak outlook on Mobile Mobile segment outlook is very weak, and especially so for StarHub and M1. This is affirmed by their 3Q announcement vis a vis Singtel's announcement. Pricing pressure from the impending 4th … [Read more...]

Taking a Risk on Election Day – Taking a Look at the Future

2016 has been a year of change. Brexit shook the world in the middle of the year, sending markets into flux. Yesterday, it was the US Election. I had to head into the office early to prep, and even that early in the morning, Forex prices on my screen were already going nuts. All of us were on Bloomberg, watching the US slowly turn red. I still tried my best to keep an eye on the stock market - … [Read more...]

M1 Ltd – A Different Perspective


M1 Ltd has been falling for a prolonged period, from the heights of $3.930 on April 2015, till $2.020 on 31 Oct 2016, before recovering slightly recently. Over the period of freefall, there was also a slight recovery during this period of fall. Nevertheless, as per the chart below, the share price is currently at the lowest point over the last 5 years. Why? Many factors has caused this … [Read more...]

Is this stock rebounding next?

I last blogged about M1 stock in this blog post . M1 stock has since reached an intra-day low of $2.02 and on 1 Nov 2016, M1 stock rallied by a good 3.9% and yesterday, M1 stock closed at $2.10. This might lead to investors to wonder whether M1 stock is reversing from a bottom. From the technical point of view, the five-days-moving average of M1 stock is rising, the RSI is climbing out of the … [Read more...]


On 16 Sep 2016, I posted an article on the three telecom stocks. Let us revisit the stock prices of these telecom stocks vs the write-up of my article then. First, Starhub stock closed at $3.46 in my September post and I mentioned that this stock was below the 200-days-moving-average which was a bearish sign. True enough, at the close of the trading day on 21 Oct 2016, Starhub stock price went … [Read more...]

Singapore telco sector loses shine with new entrant likely

Singapore’s telco sector is seing a shakeup with three contenders throwing their hat into the ring to be the republic’s fourth player. This has led Daiwa Capital Markets to downgrade the sector from “neutral” to “negative”. M1 has also been downgraded to “hold” with StarHub and Singtel held at “underperform” and “hold” respectively. The possibility of a new player in the telecom market is … [Read more...]


Starhub stock has headed south below its 200 days-moving-average; this could signal a sustainable down-trend. However, yesterday, there was quite a bullish stock candlestock even though the stock remains oversold and the price is still below the 200-days-moving-average. A delay in the US interest rate hike could lend support to the stock though it is quite clear that Singapore could have a fourth … [Read more...]

Will you Sell these three Singapore stocks now?

Ever since it was reported of the possibility of potential new entrants bidding to become Singapore’s fourth mobile operator, the three “Big Brother” telecom stocks have come under the scrutiny of investors. In fact, the news of the fourth mobile operator was reported on 2 Sep 2016 before the Singapore stocks markets opened and the three local telecom stocks responded accordingly on that trading … [Read more...]