Karin Technology – What really matters in a Stock (11% Yield)


Dividend yield stands at 11.42 % | HK company | Founded in 1977 | Comparison will be done with ExcelPoint Technology(BDF) – Based on closest market cap 1)  IDENTIFICATION OF COMPANIES THAT ARE UNDERVALUED. Price to book ratio : 0.564 (43.6% Below fair value)  BDF – 0.812 Price to earning ratio : 28.837 ( Growing above industry standard –11.614) BDF – 7.303 2)  LEARN ABOUT THEIR … [Read more...]

Healthcare Stocks – Choice between Life or Money


Healthcare sector is one of the strongest sector in most countries of the world, business has been growing steadily. Between “Life” and “Money”, most people would choose life over money. Regardless rich or poor people, they are willing to pay to cure their sickness, prolong their lives, staying alive as long as possible. As a result, doctor / medical specialist is also one of the most … [Read more...]

Change mobile network = Save money


yea you probably have heard before Circle.life But why haven’t you change since its the most “monetary wise” decision to do so. Fear of changing number?? Registration fee?? Poor reception?? 1) Free porting – means you can hold on your current handphone number with the change of Telecom! 2) Current registration fee is $10 on top of your plan but I got you. USE “KSDYT” for $20 off. … [Read more...]

Content anxiety

When I first launched this blog, I didn’t know anything but I was determined to get it right so my attitude was a “screw it, let’s do it.” Then my second site was a “how can we turn the table around and surpass others” at the time where we were very far behind and facing new competitors every day. But I still managed to beat them and got it into Singapore top 600 site by Alexa ranking during … [Read more...]

USD Index Market Analysis


Current Trend on the Daily Chart: Market is currently making higher high and high lower (Sign of a bull trend). Recent price action (breaking off the key level $100-100.50) has yet to be confirmed if market had a false breakout Current Trend on the Weekly Chart: Market previously had a repeated price action of retracing a complete cycle before achieving a smaller retracement at a key … [Read more...]

A bit more to go [5/6]

A bit more to go – I’ve done with 4,000 words. This is more than what I had initially planned, which was roughly 2,000 words. What make this piece so different than the previous few is that I find the process of writing so much enjoyable. Maybe it’s because those are things that are closed to my heart, subjects that I spent a great deal of time on. It reminds me of the struggle, confusion and … [Read more...]

emotional estimation and seeing validation [4/6]

Eben said “emotional estimation and seeing validation.” It means you estimate the outcome by using your emotion /instinct and validate through external testing. It’s a way to acknowledge that most ideas would fail and hence one should err on the side of caution by not pre-optimising an idea. If you fasten the first button wrongly, the remaining will be wrong too no matter you get it right on the … [Read more...]

Free Eminence Cufflinks Giveaway Lobang !!!


I was approached by Eminence to try out their Cufflinks. Since I don’t wear Cufflinks. I have asked them for 2 Eminence Cufflinks to give away to you instead ! To win them, go to my Facebook, tag a friend and leave a comment there to tell me why you deserve an Eminence CuffLink. I will pick 2 winners with the most creative comments. Boys, this accessory would lift your image and would be a … [Read more...]

“What’s your biggest weakness?” [3/6]

My biggest weakness is: I’m a very competitive person which means I tend to be very good at my job but often at the expense of my personal life. – Or – I’m a very hard working person and often times I work so hard and so late that I neglect my family/personal time. – Or – I’m a strong team player and I care so much about my colleague and bosses that sometime I don’t even mind if it undermines … [Read more...]

Another set [2/6]

I have done two sets of 6 alternate days of 100 words writing goal. Now coming to the third set and will continue to do so afterward. I’m starting to feel a bit of the habit kicking in which was what I wanted in preparation for producing long form contents, and I’m working on one now. I hope it would not take too long to complete as in the past I often got myself spending too much too time … [Read more...]

Medium. [5/6]

If you have been following the news and have not living under a rock then probably have seen news speaking of medium’s recent layoff. The market sensing is that the platform couldn’t monetize successfully. However, I noticed a trend in Social media platforms these days which seems they have placed monetization at its early phase rather than take a “we’ll figure it out later” attitude. Snapchat … [Read more...]

Scaling Personalized Video [4/6]

5 min video is still too lengthy for someone to watch it all, I could shorten it to not more than 3.5 mins. I realized that since I’m targeting prospects of the same industry and criteria, I could scale it by splitting the video into two blocks. The first block is the introduction in which I would address them directly to make the prospects feel personalized, this has to be created … [Read more...]

Remember the meaning but forget the words [3/6]

The video script turned out to be bad, very bad. I couldn’t help but to reply bluntly “OMG, this is shit.” It was literally regurgitating my exact words during our conversation. What I said was meant to provide him with market sensing and situation so that he could visualise and come up with messages that meet the audience at where they are emotionally. Remember the meaning, not the words or … [Read more...]

Ernest’s market outlook (6 Jan 2017)

Dear readers, Two weeks ago, I mentioned that although Hang Seng is in a downtrend, it may rebound as oversold pressures build. Hang Seng jumped 928 points in the past two weeks. What lies ahead? S&P500 Index Just to recap what I have mentioned on 23 Dec 2016 (see HERE), I wrote “S&P500 is consolidating its gains for the past two weeks. It continues to be on a clear uptrend amid … [Read more...]

Knowing more about Straits Times Index (Technical)


News are always generated through stock prices (Demand/Supply) How can the index chart tells us more about our economy? Understanding the chart, allow us to know the level of demand our index has. Through technical analysis where it states market that makes higher high and higher lows is to be known as a Bull (Up) trend. Above, it is our current index trend. How can knowing the chart help … [Read more...]

How you can Pay for your Parents’ Medishield Life Premiums and Top Up your CPF Medisave for Tax Reliefs


When one of my parents went down with some problems last year, some monetary problems happen. The CPF Medisave got depleted, till the point that the account cannot pay the Medishield Life annual premium. This becomes a problem to continue treatment as it may jack up some of the hospitalization costs without the health insurance. That is when I dove in to study more about how we can go … [Read more...]

CWG chart looks strong, despite price consolidation (27 Dec 16)


CWG International Limited (“CWG”), former Chiwayland, closed unchanged at $0.156 on 27 Dec 16. Based on Chart 1 below, notwithstanding the recent price consolidation, all its exponential moving averages (“EMAs”) are still rising strongly, indicative of an uptrend. OBV is at elevated levels despite the price consolidation (i.e bullish). Amid positively place directional indicators, ADX is around … [Read more...]

Singapore Medical Group tripled since Jul 2016! Any more upside? (22 Dec 2016)

Singapore Medical Group (“SMG”) has almost tripled from $0.142 on 26 Jul 2016 to close $0.415 on 22 Dec 2016. Against the backdrop of this meteoric rally, is there any more upside to this stock? First, description of SMG… Based on SMG’s press release, it was incorporated in 2005 and listed on the SGX since 2009. It is a private specialist healthcare provider with a network of 30 specialties. … [Read more...]

Set Small Easily Winnable Goals Each Day [1/6]

Starting from today I am going to write a minimum of 100 words blog post on the next 6 alternate days (I’ve other small goals set on the other days): 25 Dec, 27 Dec, 29 Dec, 31 Dec and 1 Jan. The reason why I’m doing this is because my focus and discipline have been very off lately which would impede what I set up to achieve. It will also be a training ground for me to get better at the craft … [Read more...]

How much stocks should I buy?


When/what is sufficient for me? Recently I’ve been asked by a Friend on how much should he be investing if he has $20,000….. My question back to him is this… What kind of life do you truly want to live in the next 20-30 years ? The fundamental question that everybody tends to neglect or thinks that he/she has the answered to it. In order to know how much stocks you should buy/invest, you … [Read more...]