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IPO Application Strategy (9 July 2007 – 13 July 2007)
By Derek  •  July 6, 2007
By: Derek Lim With 4 IPOs coming up next week, it will be interesting. My friend and I are fed up on being unsuccessful in every IPO application this year and we have decided to pool our resources together. Instead of 10 lots, we will be applying for 50 lots thereby increasing our chances from 4-6:99 to 6-8:99 respectively (based on the balloting ratio of Sunsine and XLX Fertiliser). The only problem is selling the shares if we were fortunate enough to be allocated. From CDP website, transfer of shares is only applicable to immediate family members and joint account holders. I have email to CDP asking how share transfer to a friend can be done. Nevertheless, this is a friend whom I can trust and this is not the first time we are doing it. Date: 9 July 2007 Company: Financial One Corp. Price: S$1.38 (Maximum) Placement: 213,750,000 Public: 11,250,000 Not Applying Date: 9 July 2007 Company: R H Energy Ltd. Price: S$0.32 Placement: 68,000,000 Public: 4,000,000 Amount required for 50 lots: $16,000 + $1 Amount per person: $8,000 + $0.50 Date: 11 July 2007 Company: China Angel Food Ltd. Price: S$0.35 Placement: 98,800,000 Public: 5,000,000 Date of Offer: 2 July 2007 Amount required for 50 lots: $17,500 + $1 Amount per person: $8,750 + $0.50 Date: 12 July 2007 Company: CMZ Holdings Ltd. Price: S$0.23 Placement: 74,363,000 Public: 1,800,000 Not Applying We have decided not to apply for Financial Corp. because of the price and also on its problem with the management. As for CMZ holdings, we would not be able to get back our money on time and with only 1,800,000 shares available to the public, chances will be extremely low.
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By Derek
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2 responses to “IPO Application Strategy (9 July 2007 – 13 July 2007)”

  1. Alanto72 says:

    Hi, I think u shld be able to get back your RH Energy $$$ (shld be 10 Jul evening) in time for CMZ.

  2. Derek says:

    Hi alanto72, yes that is provided I don’t apply for China Angel Food Ltd. It’s either China Angel Food or CMZ Holdings.

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