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September Portfolio
By Derek  •  October 3, 2007
By: Derek Lim I was in reservist for the whole of September. Hence, I didn't have much time to monitor my stocks or update my site. But hey, isn't that what investments are about - ignore market noise and let it run. It's a pretty good month, with the Fed cutting interest rates and the market rebounded. The sub-prime issues seem so long ago. I guess it's human nature to look at the positive and ignore the negative. My Current Holdings as of 3 October 2007 (% returns base on initial purchase price). 1. CapitaRChina 163.04% 2. FirstREIT 0.35% 3. HL Fin 1.32% 4. CitySpring 20.20% 5. PSC Corp -21.67% 6. AscendasIndT 3.69% No trades this month. My biggest loss is still PSC Corp but with the share consolidation and rights issue coming up, I hope to be able to recoup the loses. HL Finance is still my largest holding. I'm pretty disappointed that there is no issue of rights to clear their S44 credits. I can now only hope for a large cash dividend. I have come across some reports that HL Finance might not even exercise their S44 credits at all. Hopefully that will not happen. I realize that I made a mistake in calculating my returns - I did not include the dividend received. Hence my returns are as follows: Current Stock Portfolio: 6.01% Overall Returns for the year: 0.69% Though I have a unit trust, it is invested using CPF and I want to keep it separately. I will be adding some UTs invested using cash in future.
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By Derek
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