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Derek – November ’07 Portfolio
By Derek  •  December 5, 2007
By: Derek Lim It has been an eye opener reading the portfolios of my fellow bloggers. I believe that no matter the size of your investments, it is still good to review it regularly. It is also a good opportunity to align your investing strategy and to check on your budgeting. It has been a busy month for me and my current portfolio is a mess. I will keep it short here and have stop any further investments until I work out my sums. Current Stocks Hong Leong Finance (Vested since 6 January, 2007) - Buy Price: $3.92 (average), Market Price (Dec 4): $3.82, Gain 3.89% (after dividends) 3Q Results was within expectations but sadly, the promise of S44 credits never materialized. I was expecting a dividend of 40-50cents but only a total dividend of $0.12 (after tax) was given. The stock has been performing erratically since ex-dividend and I almost wanted to sell it. However, I reminded myself that I took a long term view of this stock when I first bought it. Hence, I shall ignore market noise and let it run. PSC Corp (Vested since 3 July, 2007) - Buy Price: $0.50 (after consolidation and rights), Market Price (Dec 4): $0.375, Loss 26.71%, Cut-loss price: $0.350 I intended to make a quick profit from its rights issue but I bought it at too high a price of $0.15 (before consolidation and rights). My second mistake is not selling it before the consolidation which resulted in a greater loss. I managed to reduce my losses by applying for excess rights and getting it. I think that there is potential in this stock as it has remain relatively stable in spite of the recent market turmoil. In addition, Goi Seng Hui and SuperCoffeeMix have been buying into PSC. I suspect that there will be some collaboration or even merger. While I am willing to wait for this stock to move, I have decided to have a cut-loss price in case I'm wrong. First REIT (Vested since 11 December, 2007) - Buy Price: $0.780, Market Price (Dec 4): $0.760, Gain 1.89% Not much news here. Relatively stable and unaffected by the market downturn. Will leave it as it is unless some big news pop up. Ascendas India Trust (Vested since 1 August, 2007) - Buy Price: $1.39, Market Price (Dec 4): $1.42, Gain 2.23% Another stock for the long term. Again it has been pretty erratic since Ex-Dividend but has since stabilized at the $1.40 range. I'm maintaining a bullish view and that the worst is over. Hence, I'm expecting a pretty decent run up of my stocks.
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By Derek
Derek is an investor who follows Peter Lynch style of investing. He prefers to use simple and straight forward information for stock analysis. He started with the intention to bring together all bloggers and professionals who are interested or already in the area of Finance and Investing, and to create a community where everyone is free to write and to share their articles, experience and opinions.

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6 responses to “Derek – November ’07 Portfolio”

  1. Ah Chai says:

    Hi there,

    After reading your portfolio, I will suggest holding on to your Hong Leong and First Reit until 2008 set in.

    The rest you can discard and look for better alternatives like blue chips stock etc.

    I am not sure if my views are correct. Just a two cents worth


  2. Derek says:

    Hi Dude,

    Thanks for your views. Let’s look forward to a bullish 2008.


  3. la papillion says:

    Haha, sorry for being a wet blanket, but i dun think the worst is over yet :) I’m trying to get rid of some stocks that i don’t want to hold by selling into strength.

  4. Derek says:

    Hi la papillion,

    It’s ok. I’m also secretly wishing for ‘something’ to happen.

    Just curious, if the ‘worst’ was to happen, will you still be holding on to any equities or will u be holding cash?

  5. la papillion says:


    There are some that I wish to cash out. After those are sold, the rest I would hold till the tide is over and the coast is clear :)

  6. Derek says:

    Thanks for your views la papillion. I also have about 1-2 stocks to cash out. :)

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