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Musicwhiz – End-February 2008 Portfolio Summary and Review
By Musicwhiz  •  March 3, 2008
By: musicwhiz More results releases were due during this half-month ended February 2008, with most of the companies releasing their FY 2007 results. It was hectic to check out so many companies’ results to get a grip of how companies are doing in general, but I managed to get the impression that costs are rising and margins are impacted for many companies. For other companies, there were a lot of “exceptional” adjustments such as gain in fair value of property or gain in fair value of biological assets which basically means nothing to me as it is non-cash in nature and is a one-off adjustment. Investors would do well to look more closely into such items and deduct them from net profit to get a more accurate picture of the company’s performance. Otherwise, EPS from core operations may be distorted. Swiber will be releasing their FY 2007 results this evening, and I will proceed to do a review and analysis of the company including their future plans and strategies. With oil prices hovering at around US$100 per barrel after hitting an all-time high of US$103.05, this may have implications on oil and gas companies and also those companies which support the oil and gas industry. Though I must say that the reason for the high oil price is due to the rapidly depreciating US dollar to new 11-year lows of 1.394 (as of this writing), and not an issue of fundamental demand and supply. Below is the summary of my investments and related news as at February 29, 2008 (STI at 3,026.45 points).:- Read more...
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By Musicwhiz
Musicwhiz who is in his 30s is educated in accounting and works in the investment line (but not in a bank, financial institution, brokerage or fund house). He has a have a full-time job and investing is his side-line as well as passion. Musicwhiz is a value investor and his technique is derived from the teachings of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and Phil Fisher. He incorporate all aspects of their investing style, and modify his value investing style to the Singapore market.

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