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Insights from Experienced Investors – Mr. Karangoonie san’s experiences
By Five Cents Ten Cents  •  March 25, 2008
By: PanzerGrenadier One of the forums that I join is where I meet many interesting individuals who have gone through vastly different experiences in life in journeying towards financial freedom. Today I am pleased to feature one such post, obtained with his kind permission, on his take on what makes up a balanced portfolio. This experienced investor’s take gives you a glimpse of what a real life investor sees when we talk about investment portfolios. =============================================================== Hi Mera San, A balanced portfolio can be constructed according to each person’s risk appetite and lifestyle requirement: typically it employs some kind of assets allocation method (or for myself, I prefer “asset dedication” concept as I do not change the composition percentage any time) such as shares/unit trust; rental properties; and opportunity cash holdings. There are other matrix to protect your portfolio and they can be read about in those financial planning books in the National Library where I learnt it myself. Read more...
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By Five Cents Ten Cents
PanzerGrenadier is a 30-something accountant who finally grasped the concept of financial freedom at the ripe old age of 32. Ever since, he has been travelling on his journey towards financial freedom and documenting his adventures through his blog "fivecentstencents". PanzerGrenadier allocates his non-work time in between living within his means, saving and investing as well as spending quality time with family. He is an avid toastmaster and has completed 10 years of being a reservist conscript in the Lion City.

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