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Ezra – US$77.6 Million Charter Contracts, Interview with Lionel Lee in Pulses
By Musicwhiz  •  March 30, 2008
By: musicwhiz It's been awhile since newsflow from Ezra came out, what with the steady stream of announcements and press releases by Swiber. But on March 27, 2008, the company announced that they had clinched charter contracts worth US$77.6 for 7 of their vessels. These consist of new as well as renewal charters and these charters are expected to impact earnings in the current financial year (i.e FY 2008 ending August 31, 2008). According to a news report update from Energy Current website, the charters will cover 5 AHTS, namely 18,000 bhp Lewek Toucan, 12,240 bhp Lewek Swift, 10,000 bhp Lewek Emerald, 7,200 bhp Lewek Mallard and 5,000 bhp Lewek Ebony. The charters will also cover one AHT, 4,900 bhp Lewek Robin as well as Ezra’s heavy-lift accommodation barge Lewek Chancellor. Lewek Swift and Lewek Emerald are granted extensions on their current charters with Shell in Australia, Lewek Mallard is working for Newfield and Nippon Oil in offshore Malaysia while Lewek Toucan is believed to be contracted to Shell supporting semi-submersible Atwood Falcon. Read more...
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By Musicwhiz
Musicwhiz who is in his 30s is educated in accounting and works in the investment line (but not in a bank, financial institution, brokerage or fund house). He has a have a full-time job and investing is his side-line as well as passion. Musicwhiz is a value investor and his technique is derived from the teachings of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and Phil Fisher. He incorporate all aspects of their investing style, and modify his value investing style to the Singapore market.

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