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Stock pick Stock picks (on Nextinsight)
By DanielXX  •  April 7, 2008
By: DanielXX I agreed to take part in a stockpicking game by Nextinsight recently where I would choose stocks to buy given $100k (hypothetically of course). Since the picks were published over there today, I thought I'd replicate it here as well for readers' interest:

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By DanielXX
DanielXX operates a series of popular stock blogs through which he channels his passion for stock investing. He has been sharing his experiences and views on the Singapore stock market for the past year on these blogs, and is best known for his HotStocksNot site where he makes regular calls against certain hot stocks on the Singapore market. DanielXX considers himself a medium-term investor and focuses on fundamental analysis in his stock-picking approach

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