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Entering into our Senior’s mind
By Akhiat  •  April 17, 2008
By: Adrian Khiat I talked to a group of retirees in a coffeeshop recently when I meet up with one of my annuitant client. We discussed about having a fruitful retirement life and how we manage money during this period. They are around 60 yrs old and in the early stage of their retirement life. They are enjoying themselves by having frequent coffee sessions with friends and lots of fun with their grandchildren. They spend time watching the stock market and going for holiday with their family once or twice a year. Being a Financial Planner, I naturally started probing into how they manage their finance. From the conversation, I managed to draw some points and I started to get worried for them as we discussed further. So what are my points and worries? Read more...
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By Akhiat
Adrian entered the Financial Advisory Industry in Feb'03 after years in the Shipping and Logistics Arena. He joined the industry with a strong belief that the public need better advice in their financial plan. "It is a big challenge to me till today because I am not a natural Sales Person. However I want to remove public's perception that Financial Adviser are all Salespeople. It is a professional job that deserve more respect. I want to impart my methodology, skills and knowledge to help you improve your Financial Health and to share health tips to improve your Physical Health."

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