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Hongguo – initiating coverage
By Bully The Bear  •  May 3, 2008
By: La Papillion I'm interested in this Singapore listed China company named Hongguo. Hongguo is a manufacturer and retailer of fashion ladies shoes and clothing, best known for their 'C.banner' and 'E.Blan' lines of ladies shoes. Though I never heard of these 2 brands before, do take note that Hongguo is one of the 2 largest ladies shoe brands in China, with their own manufacturing facilities in Nanjing and Dongguan. Besides their own well recognised brand in China, they also do contract manufacturing over other brands of shoes. 'Nine west' is one of them. I read that they could be bringing in other brands to expand their portfolio, including international ones like Tommy Hilfiger. Outlook: Women drive the economy. Looking at how my significant other buys her shoes every month and hearing how other 'more normal' women buy new shoes every week, we could be looking at a fast expanding market. As china get more affluent, we could be looking at a shift in the earning power of women there. Hence in their own market in which they are ranked the top 2, there could be tremendous growth. Read more... Related Articles Hongguo - signs of monopoly
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By Bully The Bear
La papillion is french for butterfly. This blog chronicles my journey from an amateur in the stock market to where I am today. Have I turned into a beautiful butterfly? I don't know, but I think my metamorphosis is still on-going now :)

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