They forgetful or I misrepresent?
By Akhiat  •  June 13, 2008
By: Adrian Khiat As mentioned in my previous post, I have a lot to share about Shield Plans. I considered myself one of the top producer in term of Shield plans in my previous company. Small premium, big cover and I feel that its so important to be covered under a good medical insurance. "Top Producer"? How come I still so poor? Because Medical Insurance small premium. Haiz... As I have a lot of shield plans policyholders, I encountered a lot of claims too. I also get a lot of calls whenever my policyholders are in the prospect of being hospitalised. Today, I like to share 2 recent calls I received from my Shield Plan policyholders . First Enquiry: (Happened less than 1 week ago when I was studying for my exam in the CC) * Mr Raja(not real name) called me and told me that he went to the hospital a few days ago. * I asked him what happened. * He told me that he got a toothache and went to the Dental Clinic in that hospital. He wants to claim from his Shield plan because the Dentist told him that he need to go for X'ray for his teeth and need an extraction which cost around $1,000. * I asked him if it was caused by an accident and if he need to be warded in the hospital. * He told me "No" * I told him. "Cannot claim" * He argued with me. "I went to the Dental Clinic in the hospital, because I know I have a hospital plan. Now I'm going for an operation, you tell me cannot claim. X'ray and extraction cost me over $1,000" "Can you call the hospital to check?" * I told him, "Cannot Claim because........." * "Last time, you tell me hospital can claim. Now you tell me cannot" "You din even bother to call the hospital to check....." * I repeated "Really cannot claim" * He hang up my phone... 2nd Enquiry (Happened around 2 months ago) Read more...
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By Akhiat
Adrian entered the Financial Advisory Industry in Feb'03 after years in the Shipping and Logistics Arena. He joined the industry with a strong belief that the public need better advice in their financial plan. "It is a big challenge to me till today because I am not a natural Sales Person. However I want to remove public's perception that Financial Adviser are all Salespeople. It is a professional job that deserve more respect. I want to impart my methodology, skills and knowledge to help you improve your Financial Health and to share health tips to improve your Physical Health."

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