My recent claims experience
By Akhiat  •  June 16, 2008
By: Adrian Khiat As promised from my previous posting, I shall share about my 3 claims experience which happened over the last 1 month. Seriously, I'm doing so many claims that I'm so convinced on the importance of a medical insurance. 1st Claim - Cancer Chemotheraphy Mr Ng was diagnosed with Lung Cancer since April 07. He underwent 6 cycles of Chemotherapy. His Cancer relapsed recently and was given a new dosage of Chemotherapy. He is a subsidized patient. The above is a portion of a bill from Tan Tock Seng Hospital. He is required to go through another 6 cycles of Chemotheraphy. Because the medication this time round are Non Standard Drugs, they are not eligble for any Subsidies! Each cycle this time cost around $3,600. He only has a subsidies of $225. Therefore $3,600 - $225 = $3,375 x 6 cycles = $20,250 My Message There is a well-known personality that keep telling us that Medishield alone is sufficient. He probably are not aware that non standard drugs are not subsidized. For above case, Medishield only covers $700/28 days. Good luck to those who wants to save that few dollars in Medisave and don't upgrade to an "As Charged" plan. 2nd Claim - Intestine Bleeding Read more...
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By Akhiat
Adrian entered the Financial Advisory Industry in Feb'03 after years in the Shipping and Logistics Arena. He joined the industry with a strong belief that the public need better advice in their financial plan. "It is a big challenge to me till today because I am not a natural Sales Person. However I want to remove public's perception that Financial Adviser are all Salespeople. It is a professional job that deserve more respect. I want to impart my methodology, skills and knowledge to help you improve your Financial Health and to share health tips to improve your Physical Health."

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