An encounter with a client who is pregnant (2)
By Patrick Lim  •  October 25, 2008
Read about Patrick's 1st post on his encounter with the client here. There are several comments in that post. By: Patrick Lim Today, my client who is pregnant agreed to another meeting with me. I repeated my concerns for her and gently reminded her that we had a series of meetings that has stretched for a period of more than 3 years and our current meeting is our sixth one. She acknowledged her agreement with a slight nod of her head. Next, I asked her again to let me know what is her final decision on taking up my recommended insurance solutions for herself and her 3 year old daughter, to which she reconfirmed that she would like to postpone doing so until after her delivery. I told her I respected her decision even if I disagreed with her purely because of the risk of her insurability in the future as was evident now with her own sister's experience. And because of this, I explained to her that i had to document her decision not because of any basis of not trusting her but more so for the fact of accepting her decision which is to be fair to herself, myself and my company, Promiseland Independent Pte. Ltd. To this, and from her body language, I deduced she was pretty uncomfortable to affixing her signature on the required KYC forms acknowledging her own decision to postpone taking up my recommended insurance solutions. After a long period of silence, she broke into tears. Read more...
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By Patrick Lim
Patrick is an Associate Director with Promiseland. He has more than 20 years of personal investment experience both in stock and shares and unit trusts. In his early years as an investor, he got burnt really bad in the infamous 1987 crash and again during the clob incident. With 2 decades of so-called battle scars behind him, the last few years (since 2003) have been good to him especially with his single country funds doing exceptionally well. On his investing style, he is both a technical analyst and fundamentalist. Patrick view wealth accumulation as part and parcel of the wealth management process but only if one has already executed his/her wealth protection planning on an on-going basis.

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