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Surviving through lean times – Part 2
By BULLy the BEAR  •  November 11, 2008
By: La Papillion Having talked about how to cope with possible recessionary fallout by trimming expenses and boosting income in order to boost savings, here I'm going to share about how to prepare myself psychologically for it. I believe the psychology part of preparing for the recession could be much more important than just the material aspects. This is because the mind will cause us to feel about the same thing differently at different times. You know what I mean, sometimes bad news feel like the end of the world, sometimes bad news feel like a mosquito bite. I think it's important to feel upbeat about the whole thing. Easier said than done of course. I know some people who had invested in the stock market and are facing huge losses. This makes them worried and everything seems all gloom and doom. Having been through a bout of depression last year for losing 30k (most are realised, some paper losses) I think I can understand how it feels. You'll feel that Death is upon you because of all the suicidal thoughts that creep into your mind, especially at night when there are no routine work to occupy your mind anymore. I'll just look at the windows and think what it's like to fall down and end it all. Relationships got strained pretty badly too as it's apparent that I'm radiating negative energy and pessimism outwards. If you feel that way, please please do seek professional help. Depression is not a joke and it's not fun, neither is it incurable. Time took care of a lot of things and I became better over a period of 1-2 months. I personally did not seek medical help because I'm confident I'll survive through it. I'm pro life and not someone to end my life prematurely. Again, do take note I'm just sharing my experiences. For those who are in depression, do seek the proper help. Read more.. Further Reading Surviving through lean times - Part 1
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La papillion is french for butterfly. This blog chronicles my journey from an amateur in the stock market to where I am today. Have I turned into a beautiful butterfly? I don't know, but I think my metamorphosis is still on-going now :) Well, the intention to start a blog so that years down the road, I can look back and see what I've learned along the journey. But in life, things seldom go accordingly to plans - and that's a good thing! Along the way, the chatbox - a central feature of this blog - grew into a nice community of like-minded people whom I call my superfriends. Do we have superpowers? Nope, we're ordinary people in life, some struggling with work, some with school, but we choose to spend our limited life here, talking about life's inconveniences and of course, the stock market. In that sense, we're extraordinary people in our own rights.

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