Query about DCA and other Investment Stuff
By The Simplified Resource For Investing and Personal Finance  •  April 4, 2009
Query about Dollar Cost Averaging and other investmentsHi SGdividends,

Greeting to you and your team, thanks for having such interesting blog to enlighten rookie like myself.

Been following your blog for the past couple months, decide to write to you as i wish to hear more about DCA, currently i'm buying STI ETF via poems SBP at $200 mthly.Appreciate if you can give me more views on such, i'm not sure if i am doing the right thing, however the admin charge of $10.70 is definitely expensive.

On top of STI ETF, i'm looking to get some penny stocks but only have limited capital. 3-4k Myself is a passive investor and since i'm young, time is to my advantage. I'm willing to buy and hold.

Due to the recent bull rally, i can't help thinking if i really miss out the bottom. Rather than waiting and waiting for the uncertainty bottom, i got to be ......
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By The Simplified Resource For Investing and Personal Finance

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