The Non Disclosure Problem (1)
By Akhiat  •  May 21, 2010
[caption id="attachment_1567" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Photo by ~yienshawn92~"]Photo by ~yienshawn92~[/caption] I met 3 clients with non disclosure cases recently. They have certain medical conditions but choose not to disclose during the application of a life or medical insurance. Let me share what happened for the 3 of them. 1) Mr Yeo previously suffered spinal disorder during his National Service about 5 years ago and had a day surgery to correct the spine. He was subsequently downgraded to Pes C9L9 after medical review with the specialist. He did not visit the specialist after National Service and do not have any medical report with him. The insurance agent from “P”, while signing up for his ILP and medical Plan, told him that it is not necessary to disclose it since he is not seeking treatment now. All his policies went through without a glitch. Read more...
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By Akhiat
Adrian entered the Financial Advisory Industry in Feb'03 after years in the Shipping and Logistics Arena. He joined the industry with a strong belief that the public need better advice in their financial plan. "It is a big challenge to me till today because I am not a natural Sales Person. However I want to remove public's perception that Financial Adviser are all Salespeople. It is a professional job that deserve more respect. I want to impart my methodology, skills and knowledge to help you improve your Financial Health and to share health tips to improve your Physical Health."

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