I had a great dinner with my family at Sakae Sushi, Suntec City on Saturday. Did a little Christmas gift shopping at ION Orchard. This is the first time I visit ION Orchard. Can you believe it? Lol :) Luxury, luxury and more luxury goods. I did not even dare to enter some of the shops.

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As promised, this is the second part to the SPH stock review. Some readers commented that SPH’s core print business is declining while others commented that SPH’s fundamentals still looks strong.

Well, I am definitely not an overly-optimistic, look-at-world-with-rose-tinted-glass kind of person. In fact, I am actually quite pessimistic in nature. But I am trying to be optimistic whenever possible because really, ladies do not want to hang out with a pessimistic guy :P

On a more serious note, I …