Interview with LP part II
By Bully The Bear  •  December 15, 2010
This is continued from the Part I posted earlier. The interview comes because a fellow blogger wanted to publish a book detailing the real life examples of people who had combined their passions and hobbies and live a life that is both fun and rewarding financially. Not so sure why I'm in though. -------------------------------------------
Share with me some of the feelings you have while giving tuition? Like were you ever frustrated, felt very Sian? Where there periods of triumph etc?
Most of the feelings are felt in the earlier days because you tend to associate their triumphs and failures as personally as your own. I realized that there are so many students I had each year and I can't possibly handle all the emotional roller-coaster rides that comes with the job, so I'm more zen like these days. Zen doesn't mean that you don't care, it just means that you ......
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By Bully The Bear
La papillion is french for butterfly. This blog chronicles my journey from an amateur in the stock market to where I am today. Have I turned into a beautiful butterfly? I don't know, but I think my metamorphosis is still on-going now :)

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