Give more and not less to be Rich
By Dr Wealth  •  December 22, 2010

Yesterday we had a gathering with Dennis. He always share relentlessly as he believes that is how he can help most people – teaching us how to fish, instead of giving us the fish.

He shared a life lesson and showed us that many of the common sayings converge to one principle, one of the law of successes. The law was mentioned by Napoleon Hill, who received the wisdom after interviewing successful people over 20 years. He urged us to “give the extra mile”. Have you heard of the saying from Christianity, “you reap what you sow”? Isn’t it the same meaning as Buddhism’s “因果”? How about the scientific reasoning of “cause and effect”? They mean the same thing. They are telling us that we better do good, so that we will receive good. Next, the law of increasing returns states that we will always get more than what we ......
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By Dr Wealth
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