Buying on hope
By Alen  •  March 1, 2011
Every investor has different expectation of the share he/she bought. Ultimately, everyone wants to make money. For big company, to attract investor willing to buy company's share is not difficult. The earning is stable and growing slowly. Some are of course grow faster and has high PE. For smaller company, attracting investor money is more difficult. The business is still going through transition or picking up. You need to have good story for people to buy into the share. Therefore, there exists the PR agency, to communicate the merit of the company. Investor buy the company on hope that the new venture or business will pick up and will make a windfall out of it. However, many time, you find that, story is one thing, performance is another thing. Take an example, Anwell Tech, the recent financial result is disappointing. When the share was hot, chasing by punter, it went ......
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By Alen
Alen started investing in Singapore market since 2003. He adopt a fundamental driven, small cap bias investment style and believe using stock as a tool to build long term wealth. Constantly searching for multi-bagger.

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