Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus by Mr Propwise
By Dr Wealth  •  March 6, 2011

I read lesser books on property than equities. Not because I am not interested in property, but there are less books out in the market. With less books and less competition, the quality of information tends to be poorer. But I was pleasantly surprised when I pick up this review copy from Mr Propwise, who is the author of this book that I am reviewing about. If you remember, he did a guest post on BigFatPurse in Dec 2010 – “Should you invest in properties and equities?“.

Back to the book, Mr Propwise was able to gather 11 property experts in various areas, law, financing, en bloc, financial planning, training and sales. These experts are notable people in the local property scene and some of them have published their own property books. Mr Propwise was able to tap their minds and distilled the knowledge and experience into succinct text that ...

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By Dr Wealth
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