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My recent sell decision
By Alen  •  March 13, 2011
Market volatility has returned, starting with middle east and africa unrest, follow by last week Japan earth quake. My portfolio is back in red again. I sold away some of the counters in order to make the portfolio more concentrated. I also kind of realised that small cap, although offer potential great return, also comes with great amount of risk. Longcheer The buy decision originated with a broker call and the sell decision also come with that. When I bought the stock, it is kind of undervalued where company has been buying back share, giving out dividend and emerging market business is doing well. It briefly go up for a short period and come down recently because of the disappointing result. I managed a small loss. I am glad that I took that loss. Because after the result release, it fell quite substantially and I think the business will remain …...
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By Alen
Alen started investing in Singapore market since 2003. He adopt a fundamental driven, small cap bias investment style and believe using stock as a tool to build long term wealth. Constantly searching for multi-bagger.

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