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Stock melt down
By Alen  •  March 15, 2011
Bad things come one after another. Inflation fear, middle east unrest, tsunami and the now nuclear plant blast. The situation is indeed worrying, I do hope it is under control and everybody will be safe. Market selling accelerated. I think it is panic selling, since nobody can predict the consequence of a nuclear melt down. From big to small cap, all stock are under pressure. Any buyer? At least not me. I am not interested in panic selling, neither I am dare enough to go into market now. Low could be lower. If the panic selling continue few more days, then I might go in to grab some cheap stock. Epicentre buck the trend to stay firm at current price. Recent broker report and ethusiasm on iPad 2 make the stock hot among investor. After few round of consideration, I decided to give it a miss. Why? Retailer's margin is …...
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By Alen
Alen started investing in Singapore market since 2003. He adopt a fundamental driven, small cap bias investment style and believe using stock as a tool to build long term wealth. Constantly searching for multi-bagger.

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