Importance of Being Present
By Five Cents Ten Cents  •  June 8, 2011
061 A picture tells a thousand words. And this painful picture tells of $480 worth of pain due to one moment of carelessness while cornering a multi-storey carpark resulting in side damage to the left side of my 3 year old car. It is a timely lesson in my journey towards financial freedom that unforeseen circumstances can occur but the key thing is that all family members in the car are safe and sound. Looking back, I was distracted but for a moment but the consequences were painful. Reinforces the lesson to be “present” at whatever one is doing at the moment, to be fully immersed and not be distracted by other inconsequential things. Our journey towards financial freedom also requires us to be present. To be aware of our net asset positions as well as our cash positions. To know how much investible savings we have and what is our ......
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By Five Cents Ten Cents
PanzerGrenadier is a 30-something accountant who finally grasped the concept of financial freedom at the ripe old age of 32. Ever since, he has been travelling on his journey towards financial freedom and documenting his adventures through his blog "fivecentstencents". PanzerGrenadier allocates his non-work time in between living within his means, saving and investing as well as spending quality time with family. He is an avid toastmaster and has completed 10 years of being a reservist conscript in the Lion City.

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