Taking a Break from Routine
By Five Cents Ten Cents  •  August 23, 2011
Beautiful Eiffel Scenery I was at a conference yesterday at a nice hotel along Orchard Road to give a presentation related to my area of expertise. Whilst I was at the conference, I got many good ideas from listening to the other speakers as well as thinking about some of the questions raised by the participants during the sessions. It was a nice break from my normal office work routine as I got to do a formal presentation in a suit and powerpoint deck of slides and have a nice lunch and tea break in a hotel function room. What does my break from routine have to do with financial freedom? Taking a Walk out of One’s Comfort Zone This post is partly inspired by LP’s “Breaking out of my comfort zone”, as it discusses how taking a break from our routine is sometimes good for us in our journey towards ......
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By Five Cents Ten Cents
PanzerGrenadier is a 30-something accountant who finally grasped the concept of financial freedom at the ripe old age of 32. Ever since, he has been travelling on his journey towards financial freedom and documenting his adventures through his blog "fivecentstencents". PanzerGrenadier allocates his non-work time in between living within his means, saving and investing as well as spending quality time with family. He is an avid toastmaster and has completed 10 years of being a reservist conscript in the Lion City.

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