The next generation of telecom wireless delivery after 3G will be LTE but how would that impact the telecoms?

Starhub and Singtel will be rolling out LTE in the second half of the year 2012.

What we do know is that US telecoms Verizon and AT&T have started the roll out with LTE enabled devices such as the new IPAD.

  1. Tiered Pricing. The three telecoms are saying they have the intention to move away from buffet telecom plans. But none will take the first steps. Expect Singtel to be the leader in this. Bad for consumers but the effect will be felt differently by usage patterns.
  2. LTE faster. From the usage trends if you do light data usage you should not be adversely affected. However based on the reports coming in from the new IPAD in US, a 5GB $50 plan can go down in a matter of days if …