FA Valuation?
By OT83  •  April 1, 2012
In FA, there are many ways to value a stock. P/B, P/E, cash return, DCF etc. Some investors also look at things like net debt/net cash, free cash flow, ROE, ROA, dividend payout ratio, EPS growth rate etc for the financial health of the company and the total return of money to investors. Some also look at economic moats of the companies business, managers, CEOs of the companies for the qualitative aspects. Personally, I kept one excel sheet to keep my calculation of these terms simpler. I am lazy to press calculator everytime. Haha! Regardless of which method you use, its important to understand the meaning of these terms and acknowledge the fact that these are "tools" to help you and they are not the "holy grail" to investment success.  Personally,  I believe emotion is the hardest to manage. Let me introduce some of these terms: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  P/B ratio, ......
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By OT83

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