Gaylin Holdings Limited announced its balloting results. The press release is here, the balloting announcement is here and my IPO write up on Gaylin is here.

The public tranche is more than 100x oversubscribed. As such it is very difficult to be allocated shares.
You can see that majority of the shares were allocated to investors who applied between 10 to 100 lots. Investors who applied for 100 lots will have a 26% chance of getting the shares of 5 lots.
The “over-allotment” of 22m shares were exercised. In this regard, CIMB will help to stabilize the market should the price falls below the IPO price.
No “anchor” placement investors were announced (how come they never announce my name? :P), thus will be interesting to see if the shares are well supported tomorrow.  I am one of the 173 after they cut back my application quite significantly. Let’s see if …