This is a short week with 4 trading days. I am lazy and will not do a full scale update. Still trying to figure out why i sold Starhub and bought M1. urggh…hahaha :) Happy Holidays.

Cache Logistics

Announced its Q3 results this week.
The Q3 presentation slides is here.
The Trust will distribute 100% of the taxable income till 31 Dec 2012 but drop to 90% thereafter. The trust will distribute 2.144 cents per unit for this quarter and the payment will be made on 29 Nov 2012. 
The Starfish SRS portfolio will receive about $107.20 on that day. The yield is still pretty decent at current price.
Perennial China Retail Trust

PCRT will announce its results before market opens on 6 Nov.

QAF will announce its results after market close on 12 Nov.
Suntec REIT

The Q3 presentation slides is here.
The Q3 …