Medishield Enhancements
By Patrick Lim  •  October 28, 2012
the ministry of health has announced enhancements to the medishield scheme effective from March 01, 2013 and these include: a.   annual and lifetime limits will be increased from $50,000 and $200,000 to $70,000 and $300,000 respecticely; b.   maximum age of coverage will go up to age 90 from age 85 currently; c.   the maximum entry age of 75 will be removed; d.   coverage will also be extended to inpatient psychiatric treatment at $100 per day but capped up to 35 days per year; and cover short-stay wards in Emergency Departments; on the flip side, class B2/C deductibles will go up by $500 for those aged 80 and below and premiums will be raised between $17 and $251 yearly. To help with the higher premiums charged, our government will be giving a one-off top-up to medisave of between $50 and $400 for those on medishield. At the same time, the medisave ... Read the full article →
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By Patrick Lim
Patrick is an Associate Director with Promiseland. He has more than 20 years of personal investment experience both in stock and shares and unit trusts. In his early years as an investor, he got burnt really bad in the infamous 1987 crash and again during the clob incident. With 2 decades of so-called battle scars behind him, the last few years (since 2003) have been good to him especially with his single country funds doing exceptionally well. On his investing style, he is both a technical analyst and fundamentalist. Patrick view wealth accumulation as part and parcel of the wealth management process but only if one has already executed his/her wealth protection planning on an on-going basis.

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