Here is the update for the month of October.

Transactions in Oct
There were 3 transactions on 22 Oct 2012 as mentioned in my earlier post.
Bought 2 lots of M1 and 3 lots of STXOSV but sold my 2 lots of Starhub. The capital gains from Starhub was $3,024.10. This series of transactions actually brought more volatility to my SRS portfolio which wasn’t my intention. It was quite ironic that Starhub reported quite a good set of Q3 results and analysts start to upgrade the counter to a buy!  After going XD, Starhub was last traded at $3.63, the price which i sold it on 22 Oct and I have effectively lost 5 cents per share worth of dividends. 
Dividends in Oct

Received my first distribution of UMS Holdings of $100! Excellent. 
My dividends from 1 Jan 2012 to 31 Oct 2012 is $1,539.10. …