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Are you in a “Blue-Chip” career?
By Singapore Stocks Investing (SSI)  •  November 18, 2012
The Sunday Times carried an article today (18 Nov 12) which, in a nutshell advocated the importance of investing in one’s career in today’s climate of vagaries of the world’s economy and the global stock market. The article pointed out that for employees, the main source of their income will be one that is derived from employment and hence it is still important for one to treat his career as a form of investment by investing in his career. I appreciate the author’s article as it is a practical and timely advice which I can identify being an employee myself. I certainly believe our career is an investment as every move we make in our career are akin to investment moves filled with opportunities and risks. I would like, in this humble post, offer my take on some of my thinking when we see our career as investment: a) Having ......
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By Singapore Stocks Investing (SSI)

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