Nera Tel

Nera Tel announced that its major shareholder, Eltek ASA has decided to sell its 50.5% stake in Nera Tel to Northstar at $0.49 each, thereby triggering a mandatory takeover offer. The announcement is here. I have purchased my shares in Nera back in August 6 at 41cents. The post is here.

This is the second time which Eltek ASA is trying to offload its stake in recent years. The previous offer by STE of 39c ended in a failure. I am not sure if there is any difference this time but the offer is better this time at 49c but it is still below the current trading price of 50c. The recent research report is here.

Keppel Corporation

I added 1 lot of Kep Corp at 10.17 today.

At the current price, the yield is more than 4% but the PE is below 10x. The …