My best friend asked me how to become wealthy. This is what I told him e4ysNAp

Post enough helpful finance and wealth articles on Facebook and  most people will get the impression that to become wealthy you have to be like me.

Look at these hoodoo charts and sift through boring data just to make it big.

They would have thought that is too hard to do, too much to do, I’m not the risky stocks kind of person and not sure where to get started.

Perhaps relying on lottery make more sense.

Is our wealth tied to such devices that requires more luck than logic?

Many in this world have come before us to show us this is not the case.

The way to build wealth is ridiculously simple.

So simple that not many was able to distill it clearly.

Not until Todd Tressidder explained it that I just thought it is so right.

There are days where I wish I have a …