Now, so many people started talking or commenting about it!

Uncle8888 blogged about it on Wednesday, 28 January 2009 when the Cake was not so Hot!

Sometimes, we do read about some couples that spent tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding, which when you boil down to it, is just one day.

Take it as experience from those have married themselves, it’s not worth overspending on weddings just to have a ‘perfect, once-in-a-lifetime’ memory.

Because after all, when the wine is drunk and the guests have gone home, that’s when your true marriage starts. How happy a marriage you will have depends on what you and your spouse do after the wedding day, not during

Of course, you need to spend for your grand wedding, the question is about no OVERSPENDING, period.

Do you want to read a book where Chapter 1 is very exciting and grand, …