How much do you need for Financial Independence or Retirement? A simple Formula to guide you LkgS65F

We previously explored the right direction to build wealth to be wealthy and went through example of reaching 1 million in wealth by 40 and 100k by 30.

How should you go about determining how much wealth you need to build throughout your life?

When do you re-evaluate that perhaps you should start slowing down? We get bogged down by the prospect of waking up daily in our high stress, high responsibility work, always over-worrying some things may go wrong.

Most of all, we never had a way of telling us whether perhaps, we really have enough to think about other priorities in life.

Defining Financial Independence versus Retirement

The misconception of how early retirement looks like is one where you go on holidays every week or sit at home do nothing. I realize that if you are at 45 years old and you have enough to retire, you might …