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Free "e-book": Retiring before 60 is not a dream.
By A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor (ASSI)  •  May 27, 2014
AK is a lazy fellow who is always thinking about retiring and how he doesn't want to have to work for money. So, when AK read a recent article on how most fellow Singaporeans who want to retire before age 60 are unable to do so, the blogging bug bit him. The article appeared in CNA and in summary: 1. 54% of Singaporeans would like to retire before 60 years old. Only 36% believe they are able to. 2. 48% believe that they will have less than $2,000 a month at 60 years old. 3. More than 90% have savings. 4. 56% have started to save for retirement. Read the article here: I believe more than half of the respondents have taken the very important first step and that is to save money for retirement. However, nowhere in the article was the word "investment" mentioned. There was also no ......
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By A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor (ASSI)
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