Stocks Investing is an on-going journey, a journey of on-going learning and sharpening on what we’ve learnt. Besides keeping abreast with the markets development and reading Annual Reports (like what Warren Buffett would advocate, click here to see how he compares reading Annual Reports with playboy, in an interview).
There are plenty of resources, both online and offline, free or paid, to learn Value Investing (which is also the investing strategy that I am following). Having said that, it is always never enough to learn new perspective/insights from different writer/author (on the same subject).
Today, I would like to share a FREE and great site that providing a detailed video courses on Value Investing. It is call BuffettBooks, I am still going through the video courses myself and so far I like what I’ve learnt.
Following are some key reasons why it is recommended (especially for the newbies) :
1. The course is systematically into three different levels (Introductory, …