My 2 rounds of money saving exercises are 1 year apart. The savings are not actually significant, but nonetheless better than nothing.

First round:
Review the monthly bills. My iPhone plan used to be the second tier plan, which costs about close to 50 dollars, and I have a mobile broadband plan that cost $20.
I change my phone plan to a lower plan and convert it to Coporate plan. I cancelled my mobile plan, since it’s mainly for my iPad use. Usually, my son used it to watch utube.
Savings: $40 a month
Pitfall: when renewing/ upgrading your phone, it is so much cheaper to get the latest phone with the highest plan. I resisted. I also do not trade in my phone over the counter but go to second hand shop. I recently change to IPhone 5, yes 5, I sold my phone 4 I …