As per my usual routine, I went to the stock market looking for a bargain hunt. I found a few that I quite like, mostly for their dividend yield, and potential dividend yield. Sadly, most of them seem to have already moved up too much. Although not much research was put into these counters, but their dividend yield enticed me, even at their current price levels.

What I done today was to scan through SGX for the company’s dividend yield before looking into the share price of the particular counter. After which, I would begin drawing support and resistance lines for the counter to see the levels I would consider purchasing them.

Some of the counters that made into my watchlist today:

  1. Transit Concrete (570)
  2. Super Group (S10)
  3. Religare HTrust (RF1U)
  4. Neratel (N01)
  5. Lee Metal (593)
  6. Hafary (5VS)
  7. Duty Free Intl (5SO)

Most of these counters are still quite some …