Most of the time, I see people listing out their investment portfolio or their assets but hardly anyone combine the both. I think it would be interesting to see how much I am investing in relation to all my assets. Hence, while everyone is talking about Keppel Corp and Keppel Land, I decided to distract myself by doing my own asset portfolio.


Asset Portfolio

Since I do not own a property, my assets are pretty straight forward – Cash and Shares. I am not going to take CPF or Insurance into consideration because it is not something that I can easily convert into disposable cash.


Trading Account: POEMS, SCB Trading Account and UOB Kay Hian

My largest asset. I would think for most home owners, their property is their largest asset. However, if you already own a property and shares are still your largest asset class … *grin*

War Chest

Account: UOB Savings, SCB SGD and USD trading account

I use UOB for the convenience of applying IPO and it is not hard to guess that I am using SCB trading account to buy shares. I will be switching back to POEMS and will like to consolidate the monies into one account. However a sizable portion is in SCB US trading account and given the higher USD, I will be keeping it until the exchange rate comes down.

Future Fund

Account: SCB e$aver

The future fund is used for the major milestones in my life e.g. marriage, property, pregnancy etc.

Emergency Fund

Account: OCBC+ Savings Account

I chose this account because the no withdrawal bonus will give me an added psychological boast not to touch this money unnecessarily. I will like to highlight that without a basic insurance coverage, I will have to increase my ER fund many times over.


Account: SCB XtraSaver

All my Credit Card, Insurance, Utilities etc are paid under this account.

Luxury Fund

Account: OCBC Starter’s Account

This is use to fund my ‘luxury’ needs e.g. travel, shopping, fine dinning etc. I have neglected this fund in the past because I thought I can lead a life of thrift. How very wrong – I’ve blown my budget with increasing regularity. This post by LP sums it up best.

Daily Expenses

Account: POSB Savings

This is the only account that I will physically withdraw money from. It is used for normal meals, transport and some basic necessities. I mention about blowing my budget and I have contemplated merging the Luxury Fund and Daily Expenses together but I have a feeling that by doing so, I will actually spend more. A better solution is to look hard into my non-essentials spending.

Blogging Fund

Account: PayPal and Phillip Cash Management Account

This is the account that I will use to fund my website. Hopefully, it will grow without having to fund it from my own pocket.

I am not sure if I am the only one but I like to have different accounts for different purposes. It may be a hassle but I have grown used to it. In fact, I am looking at how I can benefit from POSB 1.88% promotion and OCBC 360 Account.

This is my maiden asset portfol so feel free to comment and discuss ya.