How many stocks should I hold in my portfolio?

Often there’s no one size that fits all. I think it really depends on one’s objective towards investing, like

1) are you trying to get market returns? (say similar returns to the S&P 500 or the STI)
2) are you trying to beat the market?
3) are you trying to preserve your capital while seeking dividends as a passive income?

I think questions like these will lead to the idea of whether one should stay diversified (say 20-30 stocks) or stay focused (5 to 10 stocks)

In the past I used to hold like 10-20 stocks, but my goal has always been the same till now, that would be to generate a return that’s higher than the index (say 2 percentage points or more above the STI ETF). I felt that by holding that many stocks, it was very unlikely, given …