Happy Labour Day 2015!
By Five Cents Ten Cents  •  April 28, 2015
It appears that my posts are coming now at quarterly or less frequent intervals. That is partly due to my waning interest in blogging on a regular basis as there are other outlets for me in my career to engage in writing articles related to work activities. For instance, I publish an in-house newsletter in my organisation sharing about my team’s activities. At the same time, one’s interests and hobbies evolve with each phase of life. I am now coming more into parenthood starting to deal with expectations and pressures of “keeping up with the Lims, Muthus and Alis” in the academic rat-race now that my daughter is in Primary One. I can see now how parents are stressed from our education system which loads our children a lot early in their lives. On a positive note, I am travelling a bit more since last year as I managed to weave ......
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By Five Cents Ten Cents
PanzerGrenadier is a 30-something accountant who finally grasped the concept of financial freedom at the ripe old age of 32. Ever since, he has been travelling on his journey towards financial freedom and documenting his adventures through his blog "fivecentstencents". PanzerGrenadier allocates his non-work time in between living within his means, saving and investing as well as spending quality time with family. He is an avid toastmaster and has completed 10 years of being a reservist conscript in the Lion City.

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