A stock that has been on my radar for years (read here) is currently trading near its 52 weeks low. The stock price of OSIM International Ltd on 25 June 2015 is 1.6350, which is inches above the 52 weeks low of 1.62.

“If the stock goes down we want to buy more.” “Look at companies selling at new lows.” Walter Schloss

Before I elaborate further, I must highlight that I have always had reservation about OSIM.

I have always like companies which produce low tech, easy and disposable products, similar to how Peter and Warren would have liked Gillette (repetitive nature of the product that is relatively immune from technological obsolescence and recessions). The impression I have of OSIM products, is the opposite of that. Known for its range of innovative massage chairs, OSIM has produced some of the most iconic (and pricey) products such as uDivine (approx….