I have previously written a post on Spindex Industries Ltd  (read here). I felt that Spindex is a fundamentally good company with a long history of good performance. However, at the current stock price, it appears to be overvalued.

A reader asked me about my views on Innovalues Ltd in comparison to Spindex Industries Ltd.

Firstly, profile wise both these 2 companies are quite similar:

  • Innovalues specializes in the manufacturing of customized precision machine parts and components, including automotive components, printer rollers, mechanical devices, and sub-assemblies, as well as surface treatment services such as electroless nickel plating, zinc phosphating and hard anodizing. The Group’s products are mainly produced for the automotive and office automation equipment industries, with its automotive products geared towards fuel efficiency, environmental protection and vehicle safety.
  • Spindex Industries Limited is a highly integrated solution provider of precision machined components and assemblies with manufacturing locations in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Vietnam. The …