By Master Plan 2029  •  August 12, 2015
One of the weekday mornings, I was at the Ang Mo Kio MRT station when a man approached me for help.   He was in his thirties, donning glasses and dressed casually in a T-shirt, shorts and slippers with plastic bags in hand.  Not the usual sob story like the auntie-in-a-wheelchair as one would expect.  His plea was that he had insufficient money left in his EZ-Link card and did not have enough cash on hand to take a bus trip.  He asked if I can spare $2 for the ride.   Without much of a thought, I reached into my wallet, retrieved a $2 note, handed it over and went on my way.   On reflection, I wonder why I had helped the man.   It might not seem like a grand act, but I seldom donate to charitable causes.  My usual giving will be at the year end ......
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By Master Plan 2029

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