Alright, I will answer your first question.

What in the world does NDC stand for?

The National Delegates Conference (NDC) is held once every 4 years and this is where the Labour Movement will have an election for the Central Committee, which is the highest decision-making body within the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC).Basically, during this year’s NDC held from 27-29 Oct, unionists will elect their leaders and even Secretary-General Chan Chun Sing will have to throw his hat into the ring to lead NTUC for the new four-year term.

And similar to the past two NDCs in 2007 and 2011, NTUC managed to invite PM Lee to give a keynote opening speech before the start of the conference.

Here’s what I learnt from PM Lee’s speech the night before:

A pretty long speech, but probably worth your time! Didier Drogba gets mentioned!

1. Intense global challenges for today’s …