Make an altruistic investment in Singapore’s future.
By A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor (ASSI)  •  November 9, 2015
When I blogged about making a donation to NUS' university wide bursary program, a reader asked me, "What about NTU?" As I make regular donations to NUS and I tell people about it when I have a chance, that was not the first time I was asked that question. Well, honestly, I have more affinity towards NUS because I spent four years there. However, I do understand that there are needy students in NTU too. So, in September, I decided to make a donation to NTU's bursary program to help needy Singaporean students there as well. This is taken from NTU's website: "The NTU, MOE, Donated and CDC/CCC University Bursary is open to Singaporean students."  Source: NTU. Some readers might remember a rather disturbing episode that happened on my FB wall when I encouraged donations to NUS' university wide bursary program. By sharing the above statement from NTU, I have ......
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By A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor (ASSI)
AK71 is a 38 years old business manager by profession. He started out using FA 100% in his approach to investments but it's only after learning TA that he realized his approach was incomplete. So, it's FA + TA now. He would like to retire in another few years from now. So, it would be nice to grow his wealth but, ultimately, creating a reliable stream of passive income takes precedence.

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