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By My Route To Financial Freedom  •  December 1, 2015
Have you ever reach a point in your life where you ask yourself “How did I get here?” in a good way? Sometimes things just happen and when you add up the thousands of small steps, you find yourself in some place totally unexpected. This happened to me, and I’m grateful to find myself in such a situation. The Story So it all began when I created this blog to journal down my thoughts and research on companies. I started just slightly more than a year ago without expecting much. But while I took these small steps, making one post at a time, I began to open myself up to many opportunities because the people around me knew what I was doing and passionate about. It’s surprising how little people put themselves out there, to share about what they like. But that aside, my now Partner, Kenny, approached me ......
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By My Route To Financial Freedom
Aloysius Lee, co-founder, is currently pursuing a degree in Business at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and is the President of Investment Interactive Club 17/18. He graduated from Singapore Polytechnic (SP) with a Diploma in Banking and Financial Services. During his course of study, he was awarded the SB Business School Achiever Award, UOB Kay Hian Scholarship and Phillip Futures Prize ...

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